“Again, I am so appreciative of your quality, expertise, depth of work and being such a reliable source for me to go to. I will be certainly using you again.”

R. Mark King, Associate Minister
Centenary United Methodist Church, Winston-Salem, NC


Project Portfolio

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Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns bring together multiple elements for maximum effect over a period of time. Elements can include ads, brochures, posters, public relations, special events, and promotional items among many others. We select the elements based on the message, the audience, and the budget. In some cases, we develop the graphic identity for the organization or specific service. Every piece is designed to work together and reinforce the campaign message.


Your brochure tells the story about your business—not just through the content but also through its shape and appearance. The size of the brochure reinforces your capabilities. Your brochure sets the tone and underscores your message.

Public Relations

Broadcast and print stories convey greater credibility than advertising because they aren’t overtly trying to sell the audience. Public relations helps educate and persuade by demonstrating your expertise and experience and setting you apart from your competition. Articles for trade and professional publications are especially effective in reaching a select target audience. Public relations keeps you visible in the marketplace.

Research & Reports

A good marketing and public relations plan begins with solid research on target markets and the most efficient and effective means of influencing those audiences. We can perform the requisite research to provide sound information on which to base your decisions.


Videos make your story come alive and ensure consistency of message across diverse locations, whether those are your satellite offices or client locations. Videos work best for strong visuals, where personal connection is needed, or where accompanying audio can help make the point or set the tone.


In today’s market, websites are the first place people go for information about a company, its products and services, and how to contact the company’s staff. Your website needs to reflect your business image consistent with your other marketing materials while providing key information that builds your credibility with prospects. Since we designed our first client website in 1995, we have helped many different organizations present a professional image on the Internet.

Contact us at 336.768.3339 or email us for samples of our work.